Tanning – Splash Goodge Street

Here at Splash Goodge Street we have the facilities for you to get a great tan for the summer! We have a Luxura v5, which offers you the perfect tanning experience. With 42 tanning tubes built in to the small and stylish design, you can receive an excellent tan in a standing position. The Sunrise Orange Luxura v5 attracts curious glances and sun worshippers.

Most people favour tanning beds when it comes to getting a tan. If you have decided to try it out yourself, why not come to Splash Goodge Street and try out our tanning services. Using the tanning beds result in an increase of visual appeal and you will project a confident attitude and experience a rise in self-esteem.

Why Choose Splash Goodge Street?

We have a friendly and highly experienced team here at Splash Goodge Street. We offer a great and affordable service, whether you want to add a healthy glow to your skin or you’re a seasoned sun bed user. We have the top of the range tanning facilities you need to get a great tan.

The Service

All you need to do is spend 15-20 minutes a day lying and relaxing while you gain a beautiful tan. No matter what style of tanning bed you choose, the same result is achieved: a great looking tan!

Why not come down today to find out more. You can click here to go to our contact page where you can find an online booking form or a Google map to find our salon.


No course needed75p per minute
100 mins£60
200 mins£100